Marine Electrical Testing.

Marine In-Service Electrical Testing and PAT. Operating to the latest IET code of practice. 


Working hard to give outstanding customer service at the best possible prices for in-service electrical testing for vessels and shoreside facilities.

Specialist Marine Megger Electrical Testing & PAT.

 Also available for Shoreside Installations, workshops, accommodation and offices. 

 Booking a safety electrical survey and PAT.

 Fixed price all inclusive safety electrical surveys.

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As recommended by top Marine Surveyors.

 Fixed price In-Service-Electrical Safety Testing for coded vessels. Also available for Shoreside Installations, workshops, accommodation and offices.


Marine IET and PAT Testing in U.K.

IET safety surveys, Megger Testing and Marine In-Service Electrical and PAT testing services fully available from Southcoasting Navigators professional nautical surveyors and instrument calibration services.


We are specialists in the inspection and testing of electrical fixed, moveable and portable appliances, and cover all of the voltages found onboard commercial vessels, workboats, yachts and ships. Testing from 1-500v AC and DC. 


At Southcoasting Navigators IET Surveying, Megger and Marine In-Service Electrical and PAT Testing, we believe our customers come first and our prices and services reflect this statement. All of our engineers are MCA Chief Engineers, fully qualified PAT Testers, both experienced and insured for our client’s peace of mind.


We are one of the top three Marine In-Service Electrical and PAT Test companies in the U.K. and some of the biggest names in the marine industry use our services for their own requirements, both at sea and ashore.

Specialist in-service electrical testing afloat and ashore.

Why IET (PAT) test electrical equipment onboard?

The best way to conform to MGN-280, The Workboat Code, MGN-331 (regulation 7) and CoSWP 18.22, as well as HSE IEE and Statutory Instruments is to prove a regime of care, by regularly risk-assessing and have in-service electrical testing and PAT testing of electrical equipment. 


At Southcoasting, we have experience in all things maritime and can arrange fast efficient and cost effective in-service electrical equipment testing and PAT Testing for your vessel and shore based equipment. Testing available for equipment rated from 1-1000v AC and DC.


All testing completed by MCA Chief Engineers / qualified PAT testers.  


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Booking Marine In-Service Electrical and PAT Testing.

If you prefer, we can book your Megger Testing and in-service electrical equipment testing and marine PAT testing service over the telephone at 07813890686.

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We are operating for Safety Electrical Testing safely.

We are operating for Safety Electrical Testing, IET, PAT and Electrical Surveys Covid safe.
With due regard to HM recommendations, we are again offering Safety Electrical Testing and Surveys to all classes of vessel. All our engineers are 'triple jabbed' for your crews' protection. 
Social distancing where possible and always with PPE gloves, masks, eye protection and hand cleaning in place. Full risk assessments available on request for masters and crew as per MCA CoSWoP.
Phone 07813890686 or email for details.

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